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Speaking From Triumph Over Tragedy LLC

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Paula Kramer uses her own triumphs over multiple tragedies to help you avoid failure and spark success. Each of Paula’s tiny triumphs resulted from positive words and actions. Individuals, groups, and organizations can all transform using Paula’s positive strategies. Many of these success strategies are available for free at two of her websites. Click the “Visit Us Online” link for this Better Planet Business listing for one website, then visit smilessparksuccess.com to see multiple strategies for a variety of situations.

In 2019 Paula added transforming the planet to her positive strategies for success. She is the founder of this directory that brings businesses and buyers together to better the planet. Paula supports best & brightest charities and nonprofits. The best & the brightest are ordinary people who see a problem and find a solution. Through this directory, Paula Kramer connects best & brightest businesses with best & brightest buyers to find solutions for bettering the planet.

Paula Kramer offers onlineĀ Workshops With Wallop. Participants in Paula’s workshops enjoy access to resources on private web pages and the right to join closed Facebook groups. Visit her positivity promoter page to see the preparatory reading for her workshops. Even if you don’t take the workshops, the preparatory readings provide valuable insights for using positivity to transform your life.

Paula Kramer promotes positivity between women. Listen to her interview with radio host, speaker, and consultant Bernadette Boas, then read Bernadette’s book, Shedding the Corporate Bitch: Shifting Your Bitches to Riches in Life and Business. Read an excerpt from Bernadette’s book on the Girl Grit page of Paula’s website.

“It Takes Girl Grit To End Girl Growls”

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