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Advertising your company’s social responsibility yourself will reduce the halo effect of your good work.
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Your support for and participation with nonprofits can help reduce crime.
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Higher direct-engagement nonprofit density = better economic resiliency.
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Look up the best local nonprofits near you. Still pay attention to what matters to you in a charity or nonprofit. I look for charities and nonprofits that give control to members of the community. American Christine Keung attended college for one year in northwestern China, her parents’ homeland. She collaborated with local university students on a number of local issues, starting with polluted water. She continues to work with Chinese students on many issues, but with the kind of approach that matters to me:

“It’s not about developing one solution or even five. It’s about
developing these students.”

Great Nonprofits

“Doing Good in China”
Justin Worland
Time Magazine
October 12, 2017

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