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You’re a small business owner who wants to make money and be socially responsible by donating money to charities and nonprofits. But tooting your own horn tarnishes your halo, even though you’re sincere. So Better Planet Business is the answer to both of your desires. Better Planet Business can help you make more money by tooting your social responsibility horn for you.

Better Planet Business helps small businesses to first make money for themselves, then to make the planet better by sharing their income with charities and nonprofits. Each business decides what it will donate to charities/nonprofits. Buyers will see the amounts of your donations and the charity/nonprofit categories you donate to.

Better Planet Business encourages collaboration between members. The easiest way to collaborate is to share links with other Better Planet Businesses so that they support and promote each other. Local businesses in the same town/city or nearby towns/cities could agree to sell a few of each other’s products.

Each time you make a donation, email upload a copy of the signed receipt from the charity/nonprofit or a signed zeroed invoice. Better Planet Business will promote your business on Better Planet Business’s social media and up to 5 websites of your choice. I will also promote your donations on my LinkedIn page, my professional Facebook page, and my Speaking From Triumph Twitter page.

For brick and mortar businesses, I will add a hashtag for your location, as in #StevensPointWisconsin. You have only a limited number of potential customers from residents in your local area. You could have a continuous stream of new customers from people traveling to your area. Travel is down during the COVID pandemic, of course, but it has not stopped. Once the pandemic is over, travel will increase as will the number of potential new customers for your business. Travelers who become happy customers could become word-of-mouth promoters for your business.

When Better Planet Business is big enough, my web designer will create an app that gives the locations of directory members. Buyers will be able to see how they can better the planet wherever they go.

Each donation promotion for another business is also a potential promotion for you. My promotions provide links to individual member profiles. Directory visitors will have the opportunity to look through other member profiles, including yours.

Every day I look for new connections I can make on LinkedIn and Facebook to increase my social media numbers.

By the spring of 2021, I will be an international bestselling author. I contributed a chapter to the 4th book in the Voices of the 21st Century series. Two of the first three books are Amazon bestsellers.

Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference
‘Resilience Against Stereotypes’

Bettering your business and the planet are just two of the ways I am making a difference. Visit my other online directory:

Please join me in bettering the planet.

Have a smiling day!
Paula M. Kramer

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