Better Your Business

You’re a small business owner who wants to make money and be socially responsible by donating money to charities and nonprofits. But tooting your own horn tarnishes your halo, even though you’re sincere. So Better Planet Business is the answer to both of your desires. Better Planet Business can help you make more money by tooting your social responsibility horn for you.

Better Planet Business helps small businesses to first make money for themselves, then to make the planet better by sharing their income with charities and nonprofits. Each business decides what it will donate to charities/nonprofits. Buyers will see the amounts of your donations and the charity/nonprofit categories you donate to.

Better Planet Business encourages collaboration between members. The easiest way to collaborate is to share links with other Better Planet Businesses so that they support and promote each other. Local businesses in the same town/city or nearby towns/cities could agree to sell a few of each other’s products.

Each time you make a donation, email upload a copy of the signed receipt from the charity/nonprofit or a signed zeroed invoice. Better Planet Business will promote your business on Better Planet Business’s social media and up to 5 websites of your choice.

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September 20, 2019