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You want to make money and be socially responsible by donating money to charities and nonprofits. But, tooting your own horn can tarnish your halo, even though you’re sincere. Better Planet Business is the answer to both of your desires. Better Planet Business can help your small business make more money by tooting your social responsibility horn for you.

Better Your Business

Responsible. Sustainable. Relatable. Business is better when it takes responsible actions with buyers and business partners. Business is sustainable when its practices are sustainable to the environment. Business is relatable when it relates to the needs of communities.

Better Our Planet

Reducing Threats. Maintaining Ecosystems. Increasing Opportunities. The planet is better when buyers choose businesses that reduce threats to the planet’s health. The planet is better when buyers choose businesses that maintain ecosystems. The planet is better when buyers choose businesses that increase opportunities for others to create success.

Become A Member

In the United States, the new tax law removed incentives for Americans to donate money to charities and nonprofits. Give Americans an easy way to donate money when they buy from you as a member of Better Planet Business. Worldwide, the more you communicate with your buyers about the impact of your better planet donations, the more likely they are to continue buying through you.

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Jessice Dickler
June 18, 2019

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