Better Planet Business

The developers have twice told me they hope to have
a link for me by midweek.
The link would allow me to watch their progress.
However, they’ve taken on lots of new business,
so this website is part of their new juggling act.

In the meantime, I’ve lined up my first three members.
You don’t have to risk being first for something new.
You can join the growing crowd.

Small businesses collaborating
to protect, support, and uplift all life
while making money for themselves

You’re a small business owner who wants to make money and be socially responsible by donating money to charities and nonprofits. But tooting your own horn tarnishes your halo, even though you’re sincere. So Better Planet Business is the answer to both of your desires. Better Planet Business can help you make more money by tooting your social responsibility horn for you.

“Do Consumers Care About Social Impact?”

“Consumers Will Pay More For Corporate Social Responsibility”

“How Social Responsibility Helps Your Business”

Advertising your company’s social responsibility will reduce the halo effect of your good work. Instead, let Better Planet Business advertise your social responsibility for you.

“The Unsung Role That Ordinary Citizens Played in the Great Crime Decline”
(Your support for and participation with nonprofits can help reduce crime.)

“5 Ways Nonprofits Can Build Social Capital…and Boost the Economy!”
(Higher direct-engagement nonprofit density = better economic resiliency.)

“Civic Health And Unemployment: Can Engagement Strengthen the Economy?”

“Civic Health And Unemployment II: The Case Builds”

Better Planet Business helps small businesses to first make money for themselves, then to make the planet better by sharing their income with charities and nonprofits. Each business decides what it will donate to charities/nonprofits. Buyers will see the amounts of your donations and the charity/nonprofit categories you donate to.

Better Planet Business encourages collaboration between members. The easiest way to collaborate is to share links with other Better Planet Businesses so that they support and promote each other. Local businesses in the same town/city or nearby towns/cities could agree to sell a few of each other’s products.

Each time you make a donation, email a copy of a signed receipt from the charity/nonprofit or a signed zeroed invoice. Better Planet Business will promote your business on Better Planet Business’s social media and up to 5 websites of your choice.

See Success & Failure Choices to understand the multiple benefits of creating success for others.

Membership benefits include:

~ 11×17 printed poster for a physical location. You pay only $7 S&H each.

~ File of the Better Planet Business logo for your website.

~ 11×17 Better Planet Business poster template for sales and promotions.

~ 8.5×11 inch Better Planet Business flyer template for sales and promotions.

~ Listing of Better Planet Businesses by charity/nonprofit category so that customers who support the same categories can find you.

~ Up to 4 promotions a year for 4 individual donations to one or more charities/nonprofits. You can change the 5 websites on your list as often as you want to get maximum exposure. This gives you the ability to take advantage of seasonal, regional, and situational opportunities to make money. The #charity hashtag gets retweeted frequently by a number of organizations promoting charities.

~ Posting all of your sales and promotions to the Better Planet Business Facebook page to give other Better Planet Business members opportunities to support you. You will have opportunities to support other Better Planet Business members.

Better Planet Businesses are responsible for local press releases, posters, flyers, and notices on local convention and visitors bureau websites when appropriate.

Better Planet Businesses create more success for themselves by creating success for other businesses and all life on the planet. Please join us in creating a better planet for all life.


Better Planet Business offers opportunities. Better Planet Business does not guarantee any particular outcome from these opportunities.

Better Planet Business is not responsible for either the success or failure of any relationship — financial or otherwise — between Better Planet Businesses, between Better Planet Businesses  and charities/nonprofits, or between Better Planet Businesses and buyers.

Better Planet Business is not responsible for false membership claims.

Better Planet Business reserves the right to refuse or cancel memberships.

Better Planet Business is not responsible for fraudulent charities/nonprofits.

Better Planet Businesses and buyers are responsible for checking on the credibility and effectiveness of the charities they support.

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“Do Consumers Care About Social Impact”
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“Consumers Will Pay More For Corporate Social Responsibility”
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“5 Ways Nonprofits Can Build Social Capital…and Boost the Economy!”
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Paula Kramer
Updated July 13, 2019