Who We Are

For decades, I struggled against physical, mental, and emotional difficulties to create a successful small business. Many of the difficulties came from other people flaring (igniting) a variety of failures for me. I’m certain you’ve also had the unfortunate experience of other people flaring a variety of failures for you. None of those other people have learned that failure flares failure.

My father was the first person to believe in my ability to succeed. He also taught me to love nature. My love of nature led me to the Energy Fair with its renewable energy focus. To understand the spectacular success of the Energy Fair, I made a documentary about the founding members of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. I learned that sparking a variety of successes for others would spark a variety of successes for me. Success sparks success.

Better Planet Business is designed to spark a variety of successes for every business member so that you can spark a variety of successes for the planet. Each Better Planet Business member will benefit from the success of every other member, and the planet will benefit from the combined success of all members.

Better Planet Business offers active promotion on top of 24/7 listing services to increase your opportunities for success. I want to spark as much success as I can.

I invite you to join me in sparking a wide variety of successes in fellowship with a wide variety of small businesses.

Better Planet Business is located within 60 miles of:

The Center of the Northwestern World
Halfway between the Equator and the North Pole.
One quarter of the way around the planet.
Halfway between the Greenwich Meridian and the International Date Line.

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