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Liberation Farmers is what we call our permaculture farm, direct trade coffee roastery, and farm market kitchen in Almond, Wisconsin. Owned and operated by John Sheffy and Holly Petrillo, Liberation Farmers was founded in 2011 when John and Holly moved from their urban micro-farm in Stevens Point to 24 acres of glacial moraine in rural Almond. Both of us were swept up in the sustainable and local food movement and wanted to connect the dots between our backgrounds in ecology and forestry with our diet and passion for food culture.

Liberation Farm is a diversified mix of perennial food forests, annual gardens, and heritage animals raised on pasture. Food forests mimic natural forests but are made up of layers of edible plants including fruits, nuts, flowers, tubers, and herbs. They make great habitat for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife too. We raise animals on pasture and feed them locally sourced organic feed and hay. The animals feed the soil food web with their manure, which enhances the productivity and diversity of the farm. Our animals grow slower and spend more time foraging on pasture, which creates more flavorful and healthy meat and eggs. We grow a variety of annual fruit and vegetable crops for our own table and for sale, especially a few storage crops like potatoes, squash, garlic, and flour corn.

We offer a year round coffee, egg or meat CSA, as well as individual cuts or boxes of chicken, pork, rabbit, and goat meats. We also sell meat and eggs on the farm and year round at the Stevens Point Farmers Market. We host seasonal on-farm workshops. In the future we hope our farm will also offer a Perennial CSA of fruits, nuts, and herbs!

Liberation Coffee is our direct trade coffee CSA and coffee harvest trips to Mexico and Kenya. We travel to our host farmers each year to help pick and process the coffee and take volunteers to help, paying for the coffee a year in advance to give the farmers the capital they need to make investments in their farms. The coffee is grown in forest farms that use organic practices while also supporting diverse food production for our partner farms. We have built friendships with our host farmers over many years of harvest visits and coffee buying. Our farmers greatly appreciate our visits and our purchases help them make important investments in their farms each year, and they treat us as their extended family, which is quite an amazing honor that we hope we reflect to them also.

Sunday Brunch
10am to 2pm

Taco Tuesdays
5pm to 8pm

Thursday Fresh Bakery & Retail
10am to 6pm + Evening Classes

Schedule subject to change. Check our Facebook page for dates.

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