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Kindred Spirit Books LLC

Book Store

Kindred Spirit Books LLC is an eclectic Book and Gift store in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. We carry a variety of Books and Gifts to help and enrich your life. We also will special order.

(715) 342-4891

Liberation Farmers


Liberation Farm is a diversified permaculture farm focused on perennial crops and pasture raised animals in Almond, WI. We prepare farm-to-table meals at Adelante in Almond for locals and travelers.

Omada Marketing Group, LLC

Internet Marketing Service, Advertising Agency, Website Designer

Omada is a one-stop shop that combines the diverse knowledge, talent and passion of professionals within the media, marketing, advertising, graphic design, and web development fields.

(715) 952-2602

Speaking From Triumph Over Tragedy LLC

Positivity Promoter, Business to Business Service

Speaking From Triumph Over Tragedy LLC promotes posivitivity with strategies for fighting failure and sparking success, both personal and professional.