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Atelier Vermeil Studio 2

Art Studio

Atelier Vermeil Studio 2 is the direct access to the artworks of Mark Brueggeman and his site-specific design studio. The studio is located at 9496 First St., Nelsonville, Wisconsin.

(715) 252-2880

Kindred Spirit Books LLC

Book Store

Kindred Spirit Books LLC is an eclectic Book and Gift store in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. We carry a variety of Books and Gifts to help and enrich your life. We also will special order.

(715) 342-4891

Liberation Farmers


Liberation Farm is a diversified permaculture farm focused on perennial crops and pasture raised animals in Almond, WI. We prepare farm-to-table meals at Adelante in Almond for locals and travelers.

Omada Marketing Group, LLC

Internet Marketing Service, Advertising Agency, Website Designer

Omada is a one-stop shop that combines the diverse knowledge, talent and passion of professionals within the media, marketing, advertising, graphic design, and web development fields.

(715) 952-2602

Speaking From Triumph Over Tragedy LLC

Positivity Promoter

Speaking From Triumph Over Tragedy LLC promotes posivitivity with strategies for fighting failure and sparking success, both personal and professional.